No Talent Required

Here is a list of things that require no talent whatsoever. We are often curious about our spiritual gifts, and it is healthy to be curious. The best way to discover your gifts is to jump in right where you are. What is needed? What is being asked of you in your local church?

No matter what it is, here are some things anyone can do, that require no talent at all (though talent can be applied and enhance).

  • Be punctual
  • Be consistent
  • Be kind
  • Work hard
  • A good attitude
  • Be forgiving
  • Be patient
  • Be submissive
  • Be eager
  • Listen
  • Follow instructions
  • Don’t be a “know it all”
  • Be prepared
  • Be a learner

Start where you are. In time you will discover your gifts. What is more you will be a joy and benefit to your church along the way.

Are there things you would add to this list? Add a comment below.

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