The Most Important Book

The most importan book in the New Testament is, without question, the book of Romans. In the bible, all roads lead to Romans. It is, as my friend Tony Godfrey calls it, the constituion of Christianity. Every other book written to the a church stems from this one. It was written by the Apostle Paul, who is the most important figure in the New Testament church age. Bottom line, you must understand Romans — really understand it. It will inform all future study. It will clarify both your walk and your work in the Lord. Most would recommend the gospel of John for the new believer. But for the those who have newly stepped into the ring of serious bible student, Romans is the doorway to everything esle.

So here is a basic outline.

  • The Sin of Man 1 – 3:23
  • The Salvation of God 3:24 – 4
  • The Security of Believers 5 – 8
  • The Salvation of Israel 9-11
  • The Service of Believers 12 – 16

“in the bible, all roads lead to Romans”

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