New Year’s Realisation

New year. New me. That is what they say.

So …

  • I have enjoyed a high protein diet
  • I hit the gym – mainly weight training, because everyone knows cardio sucks.
  • I have read more books
  • I have tried to get at least 6 hrs of sleep each night.
  • I have become more conscious of the political issues facing the world.
  • I have lowered my social media intake
  • And I drink so much water I think I am going to drown.

It has not been easy, but this experiment has yielded some very clear results. It turns out, I am still no closer to Jesus.

Just remember, as you enter the new year, the hustle culture and productivity cult represent secular humanism – not Christ. Self improvement is not the same thing as sanctification.

My point is, yes, maybe you should go to the gym or maybe you shouldn’t. I am not sure God cares. Our pursuit is not to be fit, productive, politically responsible members of society. Our pursuit is not to be well behaved, well read, well adjusted members of society. Our pursuit is to be holy: set apart to enjoy and serve our Father and Lord Jesus Christ by the Spirit of God according to the Word of God in the midst of the Church of God.

… Just something to consider as you are forming your New Year’s resolution.

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