The family and I spent the morning on the high street (main street) sharing the gospel with individuals as they passed by. We meet up with other members of the church at a local coffee shop so we can get jacked up on caffeine and catch up a bit.

Then we drift outside to where we all meet under this huge mural of Charles Darwin. He is commemorated on this wall because he was a local to Bromley. We like to meet to pray under his mural because it is kind of giving him the finger every time we head out to tell people about Jesus. It makes my heart smile.

The weather was perfect today. It was warm but not to hot and the wind was just enough to make you comfortable. It’s the kind of sunshine that makes you happy. We spent a few hours in intimate one on one conversation and then we all met back to pray before we cracked a few jokes and headed home.

This was a pretty normal Saturday, but there is a part which never becomes normal. There is a part which is new every time. It is the feeling you have when you are headed home. You have this certainty that you are right in the middle of God’s will and you know there was no way to spend that time better. What you feel is real joy with a bit of excitement. Sometime it makes me laugh a little. Like the joy just kind of spills over.

I know life is not all about feelings, but honestly l have never done anything that makes me feel that way. It can be scary before you start and it can be a frustrating battle in the middle. But when you are done and you are walking home all that fades away and that feeling comes back like it’s the first time.

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

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