Just the Guys

Tonight I get to hang out with Hud and Stef (my two boys, who are not really boys anymore) and despite the image for this post we are not actually eating pizza (which is the universal guys night food). Actually, Punk left us an amazing meal on the hob before she bolted. She takes good care of her boys.

Now, there is literally no one I would rather hang out with than Punk (that is Mindy, my wife); but there are those occasions when she and the ladies take off somewhere to do whatever ladies do and us guys are left behind to fend for ourselves. And I have to say, it’s pretty awesome. Hud and Stef are two of the most interesting and hilarious people I know.

I’m only mentioning this to you because we can forget, get distracted, take for granted, get busy, whatever and all that, and we truly miss out.

CS Lewis in his book, ‘The Four Loves’ talks about friendship between men and how it is a unique thing. It is the kind of love that can just sit in the same room with you and there is no need to do anything for one another. There are no real expectations — You can just be.

This is a priceless thing.

I’m on my way down stairs, but something caught me and made me pause to write this. I guess it is just a way to give thanks to God.

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