Productivity is a Sin

I need to lose weight. I should go with a low fat diet — no, low carb. I really want to learn a language and a musical instrument. I must foster a significant career and read a book a week. I really want lean body mass. I need to bulk up a bit. I should lift. I should HIIT. I should Spin. I should Yoga. I should order Dave Ramsey’s course for my finances, start a morning routine, get eight hours of sleep and drink eight glasses of water. I really need to get involved with my community, be more aware of current events, and keep a journal. I am going to start scheduling date nights and regular talking moments with my spouse. I should probably detox, and take a cooking class. I need to cut down on my social media and I want to teach the kids about productive rest. I want to focus on quality moments. I need to increase my awareness. I need to upgrade my phone. How do these essential oils work? I really need a Home Edit or maybe Marie Kondo, and I should definitely reimagine my wardrobe. I think what I need is some me-time. I need to travel. I wonder if I should upgrade my home or maybe I should go smaller. It’s time for some spring cleaning. My car is a mess. I should make a list — ooh, no, I’ll get an app to organise these projects. And I should constructively communicate to my spouse that their life is meaningless if they don’t do all these things with me. Yeah — that’s what I’ll do. But real quick, before I do, I just need to finish this project, call a client, take the kids to the park, study for a test, do the laundry, buy toilet paper, fix dinner and do the dishes. But then, I am totally on it.

The truth is, you don’t need to do any of that — maybe the toilet paper. The Hustle Culture is nothing more than a distraction. God doesn’t care if you are fat, skinny or organised. He (now listen carefully) doesn’t care if you are productive person. (I mean productive in the Productivity Culture sense of the word).

The only thing you need to do is what is explicitly asked of you in the bible. Everything else can slide. You’re welcome.

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