I haven’t written for while. But the perfect moment comes along and what can you do?

The weather on our back porch is perfect while my perfect wife tiptoes around the garden, inspecting her flowers like a mum checking in on her kids who is careful not to wake them. As she gathers up her gardening tools she is unaware that I am watching. John Denver keeps us company as the sun goes down.

There are those rare moments. They can’t be planned. They sneak up on you like holiday weight. All of the sudden you are there. She is there. John Denver is there, and well, it’s just magic.

One thought on “Magic

  1. Sweet post Brian!

    David & I are on the FBCJ Discipleship Mission Team in San Antonio right now! We’re teaching One on One Discipleship to Rebecca Creek Baptist Church in Spring Branch, Texas! The church is so excited to start Discipleship and you would love Pastor James Leinneweber & his wife Kory!!

    Hey…do you have anymore Revelation messages to post on You Tube?? I finished The Witnesses a while back and I’m ready for more! I love your preaching!

    Just wanted to say hello to you & Mindy! You’re in our prayers!

    Sunshine on my shoulders…(In Texas!), Cathy…and David too!


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